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The Animal Kindness Foundation would like to recognize HEART, a New York-based nonprofit public charity that is dedicated to fostering a more compassionate and sustainable world through humane education. They are one of the few U.S. organizations with humane education as its primary mission. This puts them in a unique position to help extend humane education into schools and other learning environments. 


They believe humane education should be part of every child's learning experience.

Their offerings infuse humane education into young people’s learning environments, impacting the way they think about their responsibility to one another, animals, and the natural world. By linking standards-based, age-appropriate instructional programs and lesson content to service-based learning, they empower students to make positive changes.


Their curriculum experts have developed an extensive portfolio of teaching tools that can be used in diverse educational settings. Their teaching resources include an engaging game for kids and more than 200 lesson plans that enable teachers to seamlessly incorporate humane education into their classroom curricula. HEART's free resources are distributed through a variety of digital channels and teaching platforms that allow us to scale our efforts efficiently.

Free Library Teaching Guides 

Lessons and Activities for Pre-K to 12 Students

Their free humane education resource guides provide everything you need to teach students ages 3-18 to be caring and compassionate toward animals, people, and our planet, while meeting academic standards.  

So do we!

Humane Education Resource Guide

Lesson Plans and Activities


This animal-themed humane education resource guide, created in collaboration with the ASPCA and IFAW, contains 40 lessons and activities for students in grades K-12. They can be easily integrated into the classroom curriculum, as well as informal education programs in communities, libraries and summer camps.  










This seven-lesson curriculum for three-to-five-year-olds aims to inspire children to act with kindness toward all living beings and the natural world.  Developed in partnership with Volunteers of America Los Angeles (VOALA) and Social Compassion, the curriculum was piloted by 100 Head Start teachers in California.









Elementary & Secondary Guides

Created in partnership with the Peace Learning Center, these teaching resources help educate youth for social responsibility. With nearly 50 thematic lessons and activities, these resources help students learn crucial information, think critically, and develop solutions for many of the modern issues facing our world.

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