Dogs or any other pets transported in open truck beds are at high risk of severe injury or death if they jump or are thrown from the vehicle. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 100,000+ dogs are killed each year in accidents involving riding in truck beds. In addition, veterinarians see numerous cases of dogs being injured because they jumped out or were thrown from the bed of a pickup truck. If these dogs are lucky enough to still be alive, broken legs and joint injuries are among the most common types of damage that they sustain and often result in amputation. There are many dangers of having your four-legged friend loose in the bed of a truck while you're driving the roads.


Riding in a truck bed may place dogs and other pets in direct contact with shifting loads sufficient to cause injuries and, if the truck bed is uncovered, expose them to road dust, debris, and heated metal surfaces.


We've all had to slam on our brakes while we're driving at some point; it's inevitable. Now imagine slamming on your brakes while your beloved dog is in the truck bed or cabin of your vehicle without being properly secured. He's going to get a serious jolt and it's possible that he/she could fly right out of the bed and into the road or into the windshield.  You also run the risk of getting into an accident while you're traveling with your precious cargo which could also force him/her out of the bed or into the driver. And if you think that securing him with a rope or chain or locked inside a kennel is any better, you're wrong. There have been cases where dogs were thrown out of the back of the truck while still attached and being dragged on the road while the owner is still driving. Talk about a nightmare cruel situation.

Many states have banned traveling with dogs in the truck bed or require they be secured, others have legislation pending.


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