Long before the Nevada Legislature convenes in February, the legislative process is set in motion in subtle and frequently intangible ways. Social problems enter the forum of public debate, and through the exchange of ideas among the citizenry, certain opinions and issues are given the impetus needed to find expression in the legislative arena. Contending positions on public questions are identified, and proposed solutions to problems and conflicts are advocated in the press, among the people, in the academic community, within various interest groups, and among concerned governmental agencies and officials. But whatever the source of an idea for resolving a civic issue, that idea must be translated into a concrete legislative proposal for action—a bill or resolution—before it can formally enter the legislative forum for consideration.

In Nevada, only members of the Legislature or standing committees from either house can introduce legislation. Advocates of proposed legislation must secure a legislative sponsor in order to see their ideas enacted into law. Once a sponsor is obtained, a proposal may then be drafted in the form of a bill or a resolution, whichever is appropriate to the matter under consideration. The legislators themselves initiate much of the proposed legislation.    

The Animal Kindness Foundation presented five proposed bills for the 2019 Legislation session.  Unfortunately, they never made it to the floor. Regardless, we are always actively advocating for any and all animal welfare bill proposals to be sponsored by Legislators on Behalf of all the animals in the state of Nevada, the caring citizens of Nevada and the Animal Kindness Foundation.  We will be actively working towards getting support in 2021 for these same animal welfare bills.  Please stand with us and use your voice and vote for animals.


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