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What is Foster Care?

Foster families are the conduit and safety net for saving multiple lives and creating space in the rescue or shelter for other animals in need.  A foster home provides a temporary safe place for some of the community’s most vulnerable cats and dogs to rest and heal in a caring home.  Foster homes also care for kittens and puppies until they are old enough for adoption. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care while others may need up to three months.

Golden Retriever

Become a foster family and help save lives.

When Foster = Home receives a foster request from a local rescue or shelter via an intake application, we reference the volunteer foster home database for availability, the type of care and time available and needed for each animal. Foster = Home fosters will be the resource for rescue groups and all types of animals with needs in our community.  It will serve as a single resource for fosters – whether that’s once every few months or all the time. 

When a foster home is needed by a local rescue or shelter, foster families receive an alert and detailed information about the animal in need, dependent upon and the animal’s condition and determine if the foster is a good fit. Foster homes that are matched will arrange with the rescue foster coordinator to pick up the animal(s) in need and take home. During the fostering period, the animal will be taken to various veterinarian appointments to be examined, receive vaccinations, or other forms of treatment during the foster care time period.

Once the foster period is over and the animal is available for adoption, the foster family returns the animal(s) to the rescue for their forever home.  

Animal Kindness Foundation is currently putting together a community foster program database to connect all rescue organizations and shelters to available foster homes based upon their availability and type of animal.  It will be a community outreach program for all types of animals that need a loving foster home prior to finding their forever home and family.

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