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The Animal Kindness Foundation would like to recognize the Academy of Prosocial Learning, a wonderful organization that is simpatico with our mission and vision to share social emotional humane education learning online. 


Cultivating Compassion and Empathy


The Academy of Prosocial Learning is the hub for those who want to support humane and prosocial development in education and professional settings. Prosocial skills including critical thinking, empathy development, perspective taking, and self-management are critical to successful functioning.


They assist education professionals looking to bring student-centered learning, humane pedagogy, social and emotional growth, and critical thinking into their work. Having served as educational consultants in the United States and Internationally, our team specializes in supporting all types of educators who wish to cultivate a culture of learning and empathy. The Academy offers the premier humane education credentialing program, the only national registry of humane education specialists, and helps clients achieve their goals by providing the professional development, curriculum frameworks, and guidance they need in order to be successful.

Their staff also works with professionals and companies to develop skills such as empathy for clients, effective communication, and self-care.

Education Resources

Lesson Plans and Activities

Pawsitive Empathy Curriculums -  This series was designed by students in the Honors College at the University of Texas San Antonio in conjunction with the Academy of Prosocial Learning. The curriculums are written to be three-hour week-long camps with extensions that can provide up to two additional hours, but the individual learning activities in each lesson can be stand-alone lessons or projects.


Lessons by Age Level

We Are All Wonderful  (grades 2-4; ages 7-9)

Learners will discover why older or differently-abled pets make great companions, analyze how individuals feel in different types of situations, and appreciate the diversity of people and animals 

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