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Animal Kindness Foundation strongly believes that teaching the younger generations to be kind to animals and emphasizing the importance of extending compassion and consideration to other living beings, is an important and valuable life lesson.  Today, life coping skills are not a required component of the school curriculum. Implementing humane education into their daily classroom lessons, equips learners with the tools necessary to think critically about the real-world challenges affecting humans, animals, the environment and to work together to identify creative and impactful solutions for a better, brighter future.  Compassion, kindness, care and concern shouldn’t be limited to any particular gender, race, age group or even species. In fact, having these emotional connections to the most vulnerable of our fellow earthlings (i.e. other animals, particularly under human care) is often seen as the most telling sign of a person’s capacity for the traits we hold most sacred.

We are reaching out and connecting with teachers to offer free in-person special class presentations and after-school safe key programs to students in various school settings. Our goal and responsibility is to promote humane interactions between companion animals and people.  Humane education is the key to achieving “a world where all have the passion and skills solve the most pressing challenges of our time.” Ensuring that through our daily choices, work and acts of citizenship, we make choices that do the most good and least harm for ourselves, other people, animals, and the earth.

The Animal Kindness Foundation would like to recognize all of the wonderful organizations that are providing their social emotional learning and humane educational programs at no cost. Our mission and vision is to also share social and emotional learning within our community in-person and on-line. 


We are proud to partner with

Antonio Diaz, Leader of the Pack, Leyla and Brooklyn 

to provide community outreach programs throughout Clark County.  


Please reach out to us to schedule the four (50) minutes outreach program series including the following topics:


  • PAWS We Love: Understanding and Explaining Canine Body Language

  • Activating Em-PAW-thy: Explaining Similarities between Canines and People

  • How to be a LEADER and not a BULLY!

  • Understanding Dogs - PAWS we Love!           

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